Preparing your home for guests

Posted by Bartlett Real Estate Group on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 3:55pm.


As the holiday season approaches, and families rush into town, you soon find yourself host to a house full of guests. However do not fret, with a little preparation and a few of these tips below you can do more than just provide your guest with a comfortable place to sleep. You can turn your guest room into an oasis that will make your guest feel welcome and ensure that their time spent with you is memorable.

Clear out your personal items- When your guests come in town, clean out your personal items from areas that they would maybe use when unpacking. For example, if you keep your extra linens in your guest room dresser or use the closet as storage, clear it out and make room for your guests to put their things

Help them feel at home- Put out fresh guest towels, robes and extra blankets for the guest to use at their convenience. Make sure that they are visible so your guests have everything they need for their stay.

Stock the necessities- Its easy to forget something when you travel, and the odds are high that at least one guest forgets to pack a necessity. Cover their bases by stocking the bathroom with travel size essentials. It is also a good idea to leave a couple bottles of water for your guests.

Be tech-ready- Display your Wi-Fi password in a cute frame to avoid repeating it to your guests later. Take the time to explain the TV and how to use the remotes. Have extra chargers ready for their smart phones and computers.

Make is personal- Your guests are there to spend time with you and your family. Add a personal touch to your guest room but adding a cute family photo , a small jar of fresh flowers, or a sweet note from one of the kids. Your guest will appreciate the gesture and it will make your home more welcoming.

Start with a clean slate- Most importantly, make sure the entire room is clean and clutter free. This includes the bathroom! Spend some time before your guests arrive to make the room clean and fresh.  

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