Decorating Tips for Shelves and Bookcases

Posted by Bartlett Real Estate Group on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 2:47pm.

Bare shelf space and empty bookcases can seem like a daunting task to try to fill up. Transform bland bookcases and shelves into stunning displays with these decorating tips.

Make it Functional- You can create a shelf display that is appeasing to the eye and functional.  For example, turning an empty shelf into a bar. Take out the shelf divider above and create more room for beautiful glasses, decanters and a drink tray.

Vary Accessory Height-  When gathering pieces to decorate shelves, make sure you have a combination of short, medium and tall objects. Avoid lining up items of the same height and size, this can seem flat and boring. Instead, try mixing different heights and keep the eye traveling.

Create Layers on Shelves- In addition to varying height, consider depth when decorating shelves. Use standup trays or pieces of art as a backdrop for any kind of arrangement you want to create.

Stack Books- Try boosting an item’s statute, literally and figuratively, with risers, such as stacked books. Risers can come in handy for varying the height of the things in your shelf composition and help draw attention to a particular piece. Cake stands and wood or lacquer boxes are also good alternatives to stacked books.

Arrange Book By Color- If you have a large book collection that you love to show off, consider arranging them by color for an quick bookshelf transformation. Bright books such as the ones above can be quite dramatic, you can also choose different colors to highlight. 

Group Like With Like- Unite your shelf with displays by grouping items by theme, color, shape, texture or material. For example, a grouping of white pottery and other light-toned objects looks stunning on dark wood or brightly painted shelves.

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