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You can't see into the future, but you can make an informed decision! 

Buying or selling a home at the ‘right time’ is tougher than it sounds. People usually take these actions because of a life event or financial issues. The economy and real estate forecasts tend to be secondary considerations. Yet both buyers and sellers often pose the question, “When is the best time to buy or sell?”

If you have the luxury of choosing when you enter the real estate market, here are some points to consider when timing a home purchase or sale.

Every market is different

There’s no longer one national real estate market or forecast like there was 20 years ago. And just because the 24×7 national news outlets tell stories of hot real estate

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 Sometimes it’s just a matter of turning a decorating “don’t” into a “do” to make a small space feel a whole lot bigger. Take a look at these top designer tricks to open up your space!


Don't Overwhelm a Room With Too Many Patterns- Pick one patterned piece as the focal point of your room, like a bold sofa or colorful rug. Then use a nix of quieter neutrals around the room to accent the focal point.


Don't Use Cabinets in a Small Bathroom- Cabinets in a small space can take up a lot of space, instead create storage by using hanging baskets, and then use accessory containers to organize the small stuff.


Don't Clutter the Table With Lots of Chairs- Maximize your seating with a banquette that runs the length of the room; pull the table

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It’s easy to get tunnel vision while house hunting. When you fall hard and fast for a house, you may be willing to do just about anything to make it your own. But even if you’ve found what seems to be your dream home, take a closer look outside before you make an offer. Any home you consider calling yours should go through a thorough exterior inspection.

Read on to learn what outdoor considerations you should keep in mind while home shopping.

Trees and foliage

Susan Krus of Texas Realty One suggests evaluating trees and foliage first. How close are trees to the foundation of the home? When trees get too big, they can cause foundation problems. And if a mature tree is removed, the foundation can drop when the roots decay.

“It may

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Make your guest’s stay memorable with a bathroom that caters to all your guest’s needs.


Mirror Magic- Add a glam touch to your guest bath with mirrors. A large reflective wall like this one above will visually open up the small space. Invest in a larger framed mirror for a more formal staple for your guest bathroom.


Fabulous Fixtures- Update your bathroom fixtures for a new look to an older bathroom. Get rid of the leaky fixtures and update to faucets and showerheads that complement the style of your home and fit with your bathroom décor.


Handsome Hardware- After updating the fixtures, move on to the guest bath hardware. Switch to bright and timeless chrome or nickel finish on knobs, drawer pulls, towel bars, and cabinet latches.

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The front door is the first impression people get of your home, and people say you only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether you are in a town home or a traditional farmhouse, amp up your entry with these styling ideas for your front door.

Take a Number- House numbers are a fun way to add a stylish flair to your home. Find some fun large numbering to add beside the door on the porch. For flair to a traditional look, try spelling out your house numbers on an overhang or porch column.


Dress it up- When styling your entry, don't be afraid to add a little color into the mix. Experiment with a fun paint color and find a patterned doormat that compliments it. Add a little life to a boring door with a cool doorknocker, or consider

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Celebrate the most important person in your life by surprising her with a Mother’s day brunch. From the health nut, or the one sweet tooth, to the woman on the go we, have recipes for every mom!  Steal some of these amazing recipes and show your mom how much you care this Sunday. 

Banana- Stuffed French Toast- For the mom with the sweet tooth, whip up this delicious French toast recipe. The thick cut French bread sandwiching a banana-whipped-cream-cheese combo will make for an sweet start to the day. 

Sesame Toast with Poached Eggs and Avocado- For the health nut who likes to get her full servings of vegetables, surprise her with this Sesame Toast with Poached Eggs and Avocado recipe. The nutty flavor of the sesame adds dimension to the

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Its that time of the year again, warm winds are blowing in and outdoor entertainment in back in session. Whether you are planning for summer parties or just dinners for two outside, turn your outdoor space into a lavish retreat with these stylish updates.


Stepping Stones- Clear a path for guest with simple stepping-stones. Pick out the design you want and add a unique twist to any pathway! We are loving the modern twist this curved concrete stones present.


Outdoor Kitchen- If you are down with a little project, start making plans for an outdoor kitchen that matches the home’s existing structure. Complete it with a gas grill, smoker and fridge- ideal for hosting parties or planning a family meal.


Painted Floors- Paint doesn't just

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Bright and timeless, white remains the kitchen color of choice for many. Get ready to gather some major inspo with some of our favorite white kitchens.

Pop in Some Color- If your existing white kitchen needs a quick pick me up, add in a pop of color. Get creative by painting the window frame a fun color like this kitchen!


Cottage Style- Cottage style homes are so in right now. We are loving the traditional look of these cabinets and the marble island!


Clean and Simple- A white-on-white palette is a simple and clean look just right for an open-concept kitchen. Check out how chic this kitchen is!


Small Space with Big Design- The black and white backsplash in this small kitchen makes a big design statement.


Use Color to

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The anticipated summer is finally around the corner and as the season approaches so does the excitement of pool parties, kids being out of school, al sorts of summer fun. Make sure you home is summer ready with a these quick and easy spring spruce up that you should knock out before it gets too hot!


Wipe Down Outdoor Furniture- Dirt and pollen can pile up quick on outdoor furniture. A thorough wipe down goes a long way in keeping your furniture looking its best. Tackle this project and you’ll be more than ready for impromptu party throwing.


Pressure Wash Your Patio- Rent a pressure washer for the instant gratification of a clean patio. Easier than you think to use, a pressure washer can remove years of dirt and grime off your patio and

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Get ready to break the Internet, and make all of your friends jealous, with these 6 designer hacks to make your house Pinterest- worthy!  

Take Mason Jars to the Next Level- Mason jars are all over Pinterest, and has become a staple for creative DIY. Take mason jars to the next level and use them for some of the best storage around your home. Turn them into a space saving solution by attaching the lids to the underside of your kitchen cabinets and fill the jars with dry goods. 

Chalk it up- Chalkboards have been on the rise this year and people have really gotten creative with ways to use them. Bring chalkboards into your home for a decorative piece that has multiple uses. Its not surprising- coating a tabletop, storage jars or event an

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