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Looking for a way to help recent flood victims? The Bartlett Real Estate Office will be collecting donations for Austin Disaster Relief Network's Hope Family Thrift Store. Please bring any of the items listed below to our office at 6816 RR 620, we will be accepting donations through Monday, June 8th.

Clean, gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories such as- purses, bags, ties, belts and jewelry.
Household items such as- toys, books, knick-knacks, home decor, art, linens, lamps, electronics, dishes, gently used furniture, working small appliances, bed frames, etc.

*For more information visit Austin Disaster Relief Network's Hope Family Thrift Store

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How Long is That Remodel Going to Take?

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon

Some remodeling projects go on for weeks and make a mess of your home life. Here’s what you need to know to survive.

Renovations can take weeks -- and sometimes months. That means endless days of subcontractors traipsing through your home, noisy tools, and major dust. Even some minor projects can disrupt your daily routine. Before you begin to remodel, know what’s in store for you and your family.

We’ve highlighted nine common remodeling projects that homeowners are likely to undertake -- projects that require professional contractors and that take at least one week to complete.

We also talked with veteran remodeler Paul Sullivan, who has renovated homes for 34 years and is

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale

By: G. M. Filisko

Working to get your home ship-shape for showings will increase its value and shorten your sales time.


Many buyers today want move-in-ready homes and will quickly eliminate an otherwise great home by focusing on a few visible flaws. Unless your home shines, you may endure showing after showing and open house after open house — and end up with a lower sales price. Before the first prospect walks through your door, consider some smart options for casting your home in its best light.

1.  Have a Home Inspection

Be proactive by arranging for a pre-sale home inspection. For $250 to $400, an inspector will warn you about troubles that could make potential buyers balk. Make repairs

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7 Tips for Staging Your Home

By: G. M. Filisko

Make your home warm and inviting to boost your home’s value and speed up the sale process.


The first step to getting buyers to make an offer on your home is to impress them with its appearance so they begin to envision themselves living there. Here are seven tips for making your home look bigger, brighter, and more desirable.

1.  Start with a Clean Slate

Before you can worry about where to place furniture and which wall hanging should go where, each room in your home must be spotless. Do a thorough cleaning right down to the nitpicky details like wiping down light switch covers. Deep clean and deodorize carpets and window coverings.

2.  Stow Away Your Clutter

It’s harder for

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Shave Up to 15% Off Your Heating Bill with This Simple Tip

By: Deirdre Sullivan

Think you’re saving on your heating bill by keeping it at a constant 68 degrees? You’re not, and here’s why.


It’s easy to imagine your energy bill going sky-high when you hear your furnace fire up.  That’s the reason so many people believe keeping a steady temperature of 68 degrees is the key to energy savings. But that’s a myth.

In fact, the lower the temperature, the slower your house loses the heat, according to And that keeps your hard-earned money from floating out the door.

So if you truly want to see your heating bill drop, you need to turn down the temperature another 10 or 15 degrees for eight-hour stretches on a regular basis -- like

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Our annual Food Drive which benefits the Capital Area Food Bank was a HUGE success this year thanks to all of the generosity of our Four Points neighbors! We filled the moving truck which was donated by Wheaton Moving Company with non-perishable food donations and helped to fill the pantries of many family in need in the greater Austin area. It feels good to be a part of such an upstanding community!
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