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Shave Up to 15% Off Your Heating Bill with This Simple Tip

By: Deirdre Sullivan

Think you’re saving on your heating bill by keeping it at a constant 68 degrees? You’re not, and here’s why.


It’s easy to imagine your energy bill going sky-high when you hear your furnace fire up.  That’s the reason so many people believe keeping a steady temperature of 68 degrees is the key to energy savings. But that’s a myth.

In fact, the lower the temperature, the slower your house loses the heat, according to And that keeps your hard-earned money from floating out the door.

So if you truly want to see your heating bill drop, you need to turn down the temperature another 10 or 15 degrees for eight-hour stretches on a regular basis -- like

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Our annual Food Drive which benefits the Capital Area Food Bank was a HUGE success this year thanks to all of the generosity of our Four Points neighbors! We filled the moving truck which was donated by Wheaton Moving Company with non-perishable food donations and helped to fill the pantries of many family in need in the greater Austin area. It feels good to be a part of such an upstanding community!
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