March 2017

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Bare shelf space and empty bookcases can seem like a daunting task to try to fill up. Transform bland bookcases and shelves into stunning displays with these decorating tips.

Make it Functional- You can create a shelf display that is appeasing to the eye and functional.  For example, turning an empty shelf into a bar. Take out the shelf divider above and create more room for beautiful glasses, decanters and a drink tray.

Vary Accessory Height-  When gathering pieces to decorate shelves, make sure you have a combination of short, medium and tall objects. Avoid lining up items of the same height and size, this can seem flat and boring. Instead, try mixing different heights and keep the eye traveling.

Create Layers…
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When is comes to designing your kitchen so many people stick to the safe classic white or traditional wood tones. If you want to add a little color into your space take some inspiration from these awesome kitchens and consider one of these saturated shades.

Calming and Comfortable: Neither bright nor pastel, this soft backsplash tile in the kitchen is unusual enough to catch the eye, but subtle enough to live comfortably for years to come.

Happy Hues: In this sunny kitchen, seafoam green cabinets are a soft backdrop to the bright yellow stools. Another way to change up the kitchen without making any long-lasting changes is by bringing in some bright furniture or rugs, which you can get in all different colors and patterns.

Color Pop:

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