February 2017

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Super Bowl weekend upon us and football fans could not be more excited. Keep your fans fueled up during the big game with these recipes for mouthwatering dips, sliders and more.

Nacho- Stuffed Potato Skins- Trade in chips for restaurant-style potato skins topped with the good stuff; guac, sour cream, scallions, cheese, bacon and more.

Beer- Glazed Brats Wursts- Grab a lager from the pack to flavor bratwursts. Add dijon mustard and honey, and grill them for a perfect portable treat. Sub a hot dog bun for freshly- grilled baguette.

Grilled Parmesan Pesto Chicken Wings- Your guests may not agree on what what team to root for but they will agree on this healthy version of wings. Give this traditional game- watching snack a twist with some

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