August 2016

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Needing to spruce up your dining room but just needing some inspo? Take a cue from these designer spaces and create a room you will actually want to eat in! 


Rustic Radiance- This rustic farmhouse-inspired dining room uses a wealth of materials to create a well-layered look. The wicker chairs and burlap chandeliers work well together and bring in the other textures in the room. 

White and Wood Wonder- The simplicity of this two-tone room is what actually makes it stand out. Embrace the wood in your home by creating a dining room that compliments it. The crisp white table with wood legs and the white tile mixes well with the wooden staircase and stylish hanging light. 

Chic Corner- If you don't have the luxury of a full dining

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How HGTV's Christina and Tarek El Moussa go from finding a diamond in the rough to rehab to sale.

When we look for a flip house for our real estate investing business, Tarek and Ibasically go through the same thought process that anyone goes through when they buy an investment property.

Even though we’re working on a shorter timeline than most homeowners, the journey is essentially the same.

Understanding our thoughts as we go through each step of the process might give you a clearer road map for your own fixer-upper journey, or it might inspire you to test the waters of real estate investing yourself.

Finding a great deal on a property

If you’re looking for a really great deal on a fixer-upper house, you’re

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Whether used as a parking spot or hobby hub, your garage is valuable real estate. Don't let that extra square footage go to waste! Clear the clutter and take back your space with our expert garage organizing tips and a few super-handy DIY storage hacks you can knock out in a day or less.

Consolidate Like Items – Keep your garage tidy and convenient by grouping similar items together on shelves or in storage bins for easy accessibility. This will make your life easier and save you time later when you are searching for items in your garage. 

Save on Storage Systems – Save your money, and garage space, by replacing a big shelving unit with a DIY vertical tool rack. Make your own storage system by repurposing a shipping pallet into your own

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