February 2016

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Leap into this spring season by adding the perfect colors to brighten up your home. You don't have to paint the walls or replace your furniture to make a spring impact in your house. Take a look at some of the hottest spring colors and how to use them in your home during the warm months ahead! 

Coral: Coral is always a hot spring color, and not to mention it goes well with almost everything. Add a pop of coral with new accessories to lighten up every piece of furniture. Create a cohesive look by repeating the coral hue in multiple rooms. 

Pale Blue- Pantone’s color of the year, Serenity, is a beautiful pale blue that would work great in any home. Use this lovely shade as a main hue in your room with a gorgeous pale blue rug; add in pillows

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This Austin weather is already feeling like spring! Welcome the warm season, and your guests, with a charming spring wreath on your front door. These DIY projects will inspire you to head to your local craft store, or even your backyard, for some beautiful and easy spring decorations. 

Fancy Floral- This skinny frame makes for an easy blank canvas to decorate with some of the most beautiful spring florals. Tie a pretty ribbon on the top for a finishing touch. Check out how Dwell Beautiful used this beautiful black and white ribbon to contrast the bright, eye popping, flowers. 

Tulip Wreath- This beautiful tulip wreath is celebrating the brightest colors of spring. Add in a little burlap bow to hold the tulips together. See how the Stone

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After you have spent months finding the perfect home, closing the deal, packing up your belongings and making moving arrangements, you finally find yourself in your new home, surrounded by boxes and having no idea where to being unpacking. Complete your moving adventure with these tips on how to make unpacking a breeze and make your new place feel like home. 

Clean and prepare your new home- It is much easier to clean shelves, drawers, windows, and floors before your belongings have been put in their place. Before you move make sure your home is spotless for your arrival. If you want your home to be perfectly clean, consider hiring a professional to come in before your move in date.

 Organize- You don't have to unpack all the boxes right away.

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Today is Groundhog Day and the furry forecasters have spoken-we will have an early spring! For those who live in Austin, this was not much of a surprise considering the 80-degree weather in January, but for those who have suffered through the scattered snowstorms I’m sure this spring with come with a great embrace. To prepare for the warm seasons ahead take a look at some home projects to tackle now and appreciate later! 

Update exterior light fixtures- As those dark nights slowly stretch into longer days, it will be nice to have exterior light fixtures that work. This home improvement will also add curb appeal to your home, so play around with some cool light fixtures that pair nicely with your home. Check out the motion censored outdoor lights

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