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If there are rules that a renter must follow, make it the ones stated below! Because while it is important to keep your rental landlord happy, so is making sure your place is personalized and stylish to your liking. Look at it this way: it's a blank canvas that awaits your unique touch. It's the little things that can make space personal while also keeping your security deposit intact.

Add storage- Lets get real, custom cabinetry is not a luxury that comes with a rental. Add your own with an affordable bookcase, a simple shelf, or even an ottoman with hidden compartments. Utilize every square inch of your place and add as much storage as possible!

Change the hardware- Rental hardware can be boring… your personality is not! Add your own

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No matter how generous your home’s square footage, lack of space is a common issue with homeowners. While investing in a larger space seems like a quick solution, some might not have the funds to make this possible. Fortunately, working with your existing space is possible and surprisingly inexpensive. There are plenty of ways to open up your living spaces by fooling the eye to make yourself and others think your home is much larger than it actually is.  Live Large with these smart decorating tips!

The color of your room - It’s all about optical illusion. It is generally known that lighter colors can make your room look bigger and brighter. Light and bright colored walls are more reflective making an area seem more open and inviting, which helps

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By: Kendall King 

Whether you are planning to sell or stay in your home, it is always a good idea to invest in home improvements. When it comes to upgrading your home I know the list can seem never ending. There are the upgrades we would love to make, like granite countertops and new wood floors. And then there are the things we need to fix… like leaky pipes and insufficient appliances. Although the idea of home improvements can seem costly, when it comes to renovations some dollars stretch more than others. There is a long list of low budget renovations that will increase the enjoyment of your home today and your pocketbook you are ready to sell. Check out these easy weekend projects for some creative ways to upgrade your home! 

New Light

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By: Kendall King 

Now that summer is coming to an end and the kids have started back to school, the battle for organization and order has begun. Start by organizing that clutter that has accumulated around the house the past few months. Its easy to quickly shove random items in drawers and cabinets in a rush to clean for company; we are all guilty of this! But, imagine a life where everything has a place and everything is in its place, a life clear of clutter. Take a look at some of these clutter-busting essentials and turn your disorder into organizing bliss! 

Shelving units like these are helpful to hide general clutter in beautiful containers. It is also great storage opportunity that can be disguised as a decorative accessory for your

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  By: Nicole Raney 


As a city full of foodies, we're constantly chatting about where to eat and what to check out next. Now OpenTable is weighing in with a roundup of the 100 Best Restaurants for Foodies, which includes a whopping eight Austin-area eateries.

The reservation website combed through millions of reviews to compile a list of the top restaurants deemed "Fit for Foodies" by OpenTable users. Each restaurant's average score in this category was used to determine the nationwide list of 100 spots.

Austin was regarded as a "standout" city by OpenTable, with eight restaurants from a broad range of culinary genres making the cut.

Our local farm-to-table trend got some serious love from OpenTable users, with longtime favorites

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